23 jan -10 :
Ny planerad kull.
New planned litter.

29 okt -09 :
Bilder på valparna 7 veckor gamla.
Pictures of the puppies 7 weeks old.

23 okt -09 :
Bilder på valparna 6 veckor gamla.
Pictures of the puppies 6 weeks old.

15 okt -09 :
Alla valpar mår bra och växer otroligt fort. Bilder den här gången från 41/2-5 veckor.
All puppies are well and growing bigger so fast. Pics this time from age 41/2 to 5 weeks.

29 sept -09 :
Bilder på valparna 3 veckor.
New pics on our puppies 3 weeks old.

22 sept -09 :
Bilder på valparna 2 veckor.
New pics on our puppies 2 weeks old.

26 may -09 :
Puppies page updated

3 April -09 :
Nu är alla 7 valparna ur våran C-kull efter Junior och Calamity ögonlysta.
Alla 7 är fria från ärftliga ögonsjukdomar, och det känns skönt.
Vill tacka alla mina duktiga och underbara valpköpare för att ni gjort detta,
och för att ni tagit väl hand om era valpar och uppfostrat dem alla till trevliga och lyckliga vuxna hundar.

Heder åt er och ett STORT TACK.

02 March-09 :
Update on puppies-page

21 September-08 :
Time fly and our puppies is already 7 weeks old.
It's soon time to leave home and meet the big world outside.
New pics on their own page.
puppies own page 2

11 September-08 :
6 weeks fotos of the puppies on their page. puppies own page 2

04 September-08 :
Our puppies have this week start to spend some time during the day outside in their kennel.
Sometimes with mother Shadow and grandma Beqie and sometimes alone so that Shadow get some rest.
Today they also went for their first little walk with Shadow.
5 weeks fotos of them updated on their page. puppies own page 2

30 August-08 :
New 4 weeks foto of our puppies

20 August-08 :
New fotos of the puppies now three weeks old on their own page.

12 August-08 :
New fotos of our puppies now 2 weeks old.
All of them have open their eyes and has start to explore their "little world".

5 August-08 :
Our puppies have got their own page with some fotos of them. (see puppies own page , puppies own page 2)
New fotos will be updated weekly.
They have all double their wieght and are a lively and noisy bunch of pups.

Now they're here. 5 handsome boy's and 1 georgeus girl

23 July-08 :
On the 6th of july we went to Worlddog show in Stockholm.
It was 110 malamutes entered thought not all of them came.
Had only Talik with me and after an absent from the showring for more then one and a half year and close to 8 years old I did'nt have any high expectation on him.
But he surprise me by getting exellent and place second best male in an empressiv championclass.
Would also like to congratulate Anci and Henrik, kennel Cahppes for their two young males that got exellent and place second and thierd in juniorclass.

July-08 :
Shadow is huge!!!
But she still enjoy the daily walk with her mother Beqie
Here is a foto of her on her 59 days of pregnancy

June-08 :
Puppy page updated

March-07 :
Update on puppies-page

December 05:
Big congratulation to the Talik-kids who did so well at SPHK show in Flottsbro
Silent Ridge Coldspeed Cody Ukl 1, Ukk 1ck, BHKL 1, CAC, BIR
Polar Trax Thunder'N Lihgtning Wkl 1, Wkk 1ck, BHKL 2, BIS 3
Silent Ridge Canadian Candy Ukl 1, Ukk 1ck, BTKL 3
Polar Trax Timeless Dawn Ökl 1, Ökk 2ck, BTKL 5